Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Let me love You...

[ inilah kisahku, maaf kerana guna bahasa Inggeris. semoga ia bermanfaat. ]

Last time,

It’s really hard for me to let you go.

You are the apple of my heart.

You are my guardian and my prince,

The king to my heart.

I just want to spend all my lifetime with you.

You are my true love.


Sweetheart, what is true love?

I don’t understand that.

Unfortunately, we broke up.

This means you aren’t my true love.

Then , is true love ever exists?

This question playing like the music ,

In my mind, 

Keep me wonder and ponder.

Miserable moments passing by,

Scrolling down at the net.

A sentence caught my eyes.

“ When you try to take one step to be closer to Allah SWT, He’ll take a thousand step to be close to you. ”

taking one step closer, like how?

I didn’t pray exactly 5 times a day,

I don’t even khatam a Quran before,

My Hijab also on and off.

At the same time,

My desire to learn Islam is very high.

I learn like a Mualaf,

Only, I don’t know how to put Islam into my life.

Whenever I try, there’s people say…

“ It’s impossible for you to change. ”

Ok, I’ll prove to you …

I will change.

I do want to repent.

One day, I went to this Surau Ibadurrahman,

Somehow I feel so peaceful,

Looking at the Muslimin and Muslimat praying to Lord,

It’s so beautiful,

I wish I could be like you.

How can you all be so in love with Him.

I do want to love Him too.

But will Lord forgive all my sins?

Will Lord give me a chance to love Him?

everything starts here in Matrics, I learnt the true beauty about Islam.

The last day in matrics,

I went to the Surau again.

Alhamdullillah, I’m different from the first time I came into the surau.

I really wore the Hijab sincerely.

So, I sit in the middle of the Muslimat area,


Oh Lord, Thank You for giving me this wonderful chance to Love You.


My tears fall.

It’s true that “ In every storm, there’s a rainbow behind. “

I did lose my first love,

Where at first I think it’s really hard to let go…

My life going to end and stuffs,

but I do get my True Love ,

which is my Lord.

SubhanALLAH. :)

“ When you try to take one step to be closer to Allah SWT, He’ll take a thousand step to be close to you. ”

That is why,

whenever I read this,

my heart cry.

this is so true.

Don’t forget , Allah SWT is the Best Listener.

He Knows whats in your heart.

You can never hide from Him.

So, lets take our first step… 

to be close to Him, InshaALLAH.  :)


  1. subhanallah...
    can't stop crying after read this..

    0 Allah,
    keep us n please dun let us astray...
    we need u...

    we forget YOU when we happy,
    but YOU never forget us when we cry..
    forgive us when we whine...

    >>may ALLAH accept our repentance..

    lovenotes : Allah always love you,Ainaa!! =')

  2. assalamualaikum sister
    I was touched by the journey you've been through, it's tough right?
    yet Allah never put you astray.He made you strong! well He guide you all the way,alhamdulillah its Allah that made you who you are right now.
    never despair in Allah,put trust that Allah loves to hear our du'a and hope.may you be a good Muslimah with sacred demeanor..amin

    salam ukhwah:)

  3. Assalamualaikum my KMM lecture-mate.. :)

    I'm touched by your journey. The sentence, “When you try to take one step to be closer to Allah SWT, He’ll take a thousand step to be close to you.” really touches my heart and soul. Keep on writing and inspiring all the other Muslim and Muslimah. Allah is always with you. :)

  4. Aina, can I share this with someone?
    Miss u so much dear :)

    1. sure dear.. of course u can. :)