Monday, 30 January 2012

For My Precious Muslimah...

Yea, I know…I know. This going to sound very lame to you. But,do take just a minute to read.

Before that,

I’m not an ustazah,journalist or a writer but an ex-cheerleader who enjoyed R&B musics…shopping.

Easy to say , I’m an opposite of a muslimah. Much things to learn.I’m still on the way towards to become a muslimah.InsyaAllah.

Ok2. Let’s proceed.

I’ll use two language here.

This is JUST a small introduction to you.

Ya Allah, jika ibadahku,hanya untuk menjauhkan diriku daripada api nerakaMu, maka kelak bakarlah aku dengan api nerakaMu. Jika, sembahku hanya untuk meraih syurgaMu, maka haramkan syurgaMu atas diriku. Adapun bila ibadahku hanya ingin beroleh kasih-sayangMu, berilah aku kurnia agungMu. Anugerahkanlah kepadaku nikmat untuk melihat wajahMu, wahai yang Maha Perkasa lagi Maha Mulia.”

-Doa seorang wanita solehah,ahli Sufi,Rabi’ah al-Adawiyah-

Subhanallah…beautiful yet meaningful du’ah isn’t it?

**It’s just an example..but it’s the reality in some part of this world. No offences k?

Two boys talking.

“That lady over there, man,she’s beautiful. She have those figures.”

“Yea, I do agree with you. But that lady besides her, even more beautiful.”

“Why ya say so? I don’t see anything . She’s all covered.”
“The mysterious one is far more beautiful.We cant see her beauty ‘cause It is only meant for those who allowed.Batasan Aurat? Ingat tak?Sides,as long as…“

“As long as what?”

“She’s beautiful in the eyes of God.”

Lord creates…

We. Women.


Every single of us. There’s no exception.

It’s all depend on us how we ‘keep’ our beauty.

Question yourself,how you ‘keep’ your beauty?

No need to tell the answer,by right you should know the answers already.

**Another story happened to me when I was in the college.

I just arrived at the surau. As usual,I’ll pull the surau’s door. Suddenly, I saw two muslimins sitting at the muslimat’s area.

They saw my presence.

Quickly,they run to the muslimin area in front.

I asked them.”why are you boys running away from me as if I’m gonna eat ya?”

One of the muslimins answered.

“Men get excited when look at girls.”

I’m speechless.Seriously.

You see…don’t you think that women can attract men easily?

Nafsu lelaki kan satu, remember?

Saudari yang dikasihi,

Tahukah saudari tentang sebuah hadis daripada [HR. Muslim]?

“ Dunia ini ibarat perhiasan,dan sebaik-baik perhiasan adalah wanita solehah.”

Wanita Solehah?

Wow. We should be glad that we were born as muslims. So easy for us to grab that status ‘Wanita Solehah’ . Agree ?

Last but not least (sorry, I have to stop here for a while because I need to finish my work as faci at my college), My Precious Muslimah,do sit down,refresh everything in our life,Muhasabahlah diri. It’s never too late to be a wanita solehah. If I can change,you can. But Fillah,Must be because of ALLAH SWT.


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